According to a PM from some TurboTT clown, God has deemed me unworthy

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  1. This was left in my PM box overnight. Mods, maybe I'm missing something, but there seems to be something inherently wrong with crap like this being distributed by someone with 0 posts.


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    Ancient Tablet 10 000 years old talks of God's outcome in trading

    You didn't hurt anyone with your own hands

    So why must you be destroyed ???

    Because with your ignorance and arrogance you allowed Evil to act on your behalf and you did nothing about it.

    From GMO foods

    To Middle East foreign policy that killed million people in last 10 years

    By bowing down to your Jewish masters in both banking, military, and cultural areas.


    USA will soon be split in half, forever losing world power status. Israel will pay for their own sins as soon they lose USA.

    ancient tablet found by Russian covert team in Afghanistan details future events that haven't yet happened. The list includes events that already happened recently and were written
    on the tablet 10 000 years ago.

    The most peculiar thing is that Tablet describes that tablet itself would be found by Northern People in times of God's vengeance.

    USA, Germany, Eastern England, Israel, France, Spain are all to drown in blood as future acts of God.

    And to those that don't even know why God is angry, Ignorance won't help.

    clock is ticking
  2. TraDaToR


    LOL...Got it too.
  3. Apparently almost everyone on this site got it, mine was sent from 'reason2'. He's since been banned.
  4. bot attack. I think all recent posters got it.
  5. Well if there's an ancient tablet that talks of God's outcome in trading, that begs the question - is God a profitable trader (and what's his ET handle)?
  6. Got it as well.
    Sender: TurboTT.
  7. I figured I was one of many, but I didn't even think of that.

    And come to think of it, keeping someone from sending a PM because they have 0 posts probably isn't a good idea. I was new once too.

    But I had no idea I was so evil. Oh well. Hopefully they have beer and sports in hell. (Oh, and a vegan diet for NoDoji)