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  1. They are the same LLC and still financed by the criminal David Glass.

    Steve was banned from assent because they knew he was aware of what was going on. You who stayed with the llc have put yourself in a bad situation and must have fell for steve's lie's.

    He is evasive and a dirty liar that is why traders didn't follow him. A weasel is the best description of him.

    Schonfeld must have been fooled by their clever ways.
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    about steve. He appear to honest and ethical.
  3. I can't believe some jerk would still bring this up. Just because he worked with dave he may have been brought down by that mess.

    And if what you claim is true who's money is behind him then iam sure the feds know also.

    Old news.....

    Move on.......
  4. You're the jerk traderpro. As i recall you were in the thick of the mess with jasper 5 months ago. Hell for all we know you're sharing a jail cell with glass as you took up for glass all the time.
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    i've dropped 400k since may 10th and i'm throwing in the towell dead broke. i was long everything from mrvl to brcm and was margined huge. i just couldn't take a lose and now it's over. i wish all the best of luck

    Your still around. I think i may have taken that money from ya. :D