Accessing IB account simultaneously on 2 computers

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    2 related questions:

    1) Can you simultaneously access 1 IB account on 2 computers/locations with the same username/password? I just tried this and was able to log in from 2 computers, but both screens started flashing a pink background (I think from the bulletines going haywire?). I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong, if this is just not possible....

    2) Does anyone know how joint accounts are handled in IB? Do you get 2 usernames, or just 1? If only 1, I guess both account holders can't log in at the same time then?

    Thanks for your time!
  2. You can open two instances of TWS, but must be for differing user names/accounts.
  3. Certainly it's impossible/not allowed to login to the same account (username/password combo) simultaneously, no matter on the same PC or seperate PC's, and no matter it's the standalone or the browser-based version. But it's ok to access as many IB accounts as you have (or allowed access to), again no matter on the same PC or seperate PC's/locations. System resource (CPU horsepower, memory available, Internet bandwidth) is the only limitation.

    How about IB to implement "Third-Party Trading Authorization" mechanism for authorized individuals to trade for other's accounts (not to the status that regulation is required). It's a common scenario for someone experienced/well-equipped to trade for other's account, be it brothers/sisters, close friends/business partners, sponsors, etc., common but not required to be registered as CTA/CPO or anything else. Especially for non-US clients such as Asia-Pacific Rim residents.

    The key point is to offer a second username/password to the authorized individual for full access to TWS to trade that account, but this username/password has no permission to the "Account Access" part to view/change the secured info. I think IB is particularly suitable to implement this mechanism since its TWS trading platform and Account Access are born to be seperate.

    TradeStation Technologies ( has a good implementation. Wish IB to follow soon.