Access to 1 week IB backfill through QuoteTracker?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by JangoFolly, May 25, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know if this is possible, or does the 1-week backfill that IB now offers only apply to the TWS charting?

    Thank you.

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    I think it is out in the next version of the IB api.
  3. Right now I am just hoping that IB fixes the 1 day backfill soon, which has been messed up for the past week and is still messed up in current beta. Don't want the 1 week stuff till the existing functionality is working
  4. j_medved,

    Thank you for the info. Perhaps you can help me with my backfill and quote problem.

    I'm using QT with IQFeed, but I'm unhappy with the 2-3 second lag on the data stream to the charts and T&S window in QT (relative to quotes in TWS). I was hoping that I could use IB for both the quotes and backfill. After unsuccessfully trying to use IB's backfill, I tried using IB for the quotes and IQFeed for the backfill. This didn't work out either. I selected IB as my quote source, IQFeed as my backfill source, set up the symbol on the QT portfolio page using the IB symbol (CBOT mini Dow), and then selected the "backfill as" using the IQFeed symbol. I ended up with more than one day of data on the intraday tick charts, but I was clearly missing many ticks. When I switched back to using IQFeed for both the quotes and backfill (using the IQFeed symbol in my QT portfolio), everything was okay.

    Any thoughts why I can't use the IB quotes with the IQFeed backfill? Thank you.

  5. IB backfill update - IB fixed this real fast. That the 1 day backfill issue is now fixed. There was an issue on the server side that was just resolved and the browser based beta 847 fixed the other issues. Earlier through I ran browser beta, it still came up as 846 version - have to make sure to clear the Java cache (NOT Just the browser cache)
    Backfill with IB and default backfill with IQFeed is NOT tick by tick. Its 1 minute OHLC backfill, which will show accurate minute or higher charts, but NOT tick charts. We do have a configuration for IQFeed for tick backfill (slower). email for it.

    As for the 3 second delay, do you have a large number showing below the bandwidth indicator in QT when using IQFeed?

    Jerry Medved
  6. Jerry,

    Right now I'm only getting a half-second delay from IQFeed relative to TWS, and my bandwith is floating between 1700 and 5500. I don't know whether those are large numbers or not.

    I mailed support as you suggested, and they sent me the IQFeed backfill update files. Thank you.


  7. The bandwidth is not an issue. Is there another # below the bandwidth? If so and if it is always there, does not go away (show -), what is it and what is the bandwidth at the same time?

    Also, go to OPTIONS/Edit Preferences menu, MISC tab. On bottom right, change the quote table refresh to 0.1. That should improve things for you as long as you are not tracking an obscene number of symbols.

  8. Jerry,

    IB quotes with IQFeed backfill is working perfectly now. It appears that I have all of my historical ticks, and my quotes are coming a bit more quickly.

    Thank you.
  9. Jerry,

    I don't have a number below the bandwidth, just a "-". I do notice that the bandwidth is now around 250 to 350 since changing to IB quotes and IQFeed backfill (and the 0.10 refresh thing).
  10. the bandwidth is measuring different things with IB than with IQFeed. In both cases QT communicates locally (TWS or IQCLIENT) but the way the local data protocol sends data is different, so the amount of data sent per update varies drastically between the two sources. Cannot compare them. The bandwidth indicator does NOT show the actual internet bandwidth used in the case of IB and IQFeed.
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