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    I have 2 computers sitting side-by-side...
    • both connected to the LAN side of the same router
    • both are running XP (SP2)
    • both C: drives are setup for full file sharing
    • I'm using the default Windows Explorer file manager in both
    • I'm logged onto both as Administrator.
    Here's the strange thing. If I open a file manager in both, from within computer #1 I can copy files to computer #2, or I can copy files from #2 to #1. No problem yet. But from the file manager within computer #2, while I can "reach" over to #1 and copy files back to #2, I can't copy from #2 to #1. I get a Windows error msg saying "Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." No, the disk is not full. No, the disk is not write-protected. And, No, the file is not currently in use.

    So here's a summary of what's going on.
    From within computer #1 -- I can copy files either way, from #1 -> #2 or from #2 -> #1.
    From within computer #2 -- I can copy files only one way, from #1 -> #2 but not from #2 -> #1.

    Do any of you true network gurus have an idea what is causing the "Access is denied" to someone logged on as Administrator? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Here's a shot in the dark, but what the hey.,..

    In file sharing, there is a seperate button if I recall that allows you to read (copy) and write (replace) or delete. Did you make sure that all the buttons are checked?
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    Appreciate the tip. I fished around Windows help on file sharing rights/permissions, tinkered with a few setting in Control Panel, and got things going. You're much more limited in your options on a FAT32 partition compared to one formatted NTFS, but the choices gave me what I needed, and since my system is self-contained security is less of an issue. Anyway, thanks for offering up your thoughts.
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