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  1. I've written several complete trading systems, from day-trading with level II and direct access with best price routing, to on-line account access and trading for securities, options and mutual funds. I'm comfortable with all flavors of FIX, market data from Bridge, Reuters and direct from NASDAQ, and dealing with ADP/SIS, especially CMS conversions. I've written many order management systems, and can complete any system in a fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced developer.

    If you're looking to repair or upgrade an existing system, or need a new system from scratch, I'm the guy with a proven track record who delivers on time, every time.

    Neal Thomas
  2. Do you have any performance figures for review ?
  3. Mimimy


    It is very interesting, but how much do you charge ?

    I know the answer is not direct.
    I mean aproximately, for what kind of work ?

    Are you for the average lonely (but succesful) trader or for hedge fund ?

  4. I can build you an awesome trading system.
    I can build it for less than you might think.
    I can write it in C, C++, JAVA, COM, VB and more.
    I can deliver on time, every time.
    I can eliminate market providers from cutting into your profits.
    I can connect you directly to all the markets.
    I can connect you to ECNs faster than they can install the lines.
    I can interface with any data-feed provider.
    I can give sound advice on software, hardware and networking.
    I can, I did, and I'll do it again.

    Neal Thomas
    Managing Member
    Engineered Data Services LLC
  5. nitro


    Do you or have you written an interface for the Broadcast feed of DTN, the one that gets delivered by satellite?

  6. Nitro,

    I can, however you may want to look at this company first and see if maybe this is what you're looking for. If you need something more custom, then yes, I can do it.

    From a programming point of view, market data is market data, the only difference is how the providers package the data and how it is requested.

    If you have an existing system, and need their format converted yours, then I would be perfect for the job.

    The only risk I can see is the ability for me to test without a satellite feed, but I'm assuming for now they have an Internet based test feed for development purposes.

    Hope I helped.

    Neal Thomas
  7. nitro



    No, the satellite feed is completely different than their Internet feeds. I use to program and I could do it, but I don't even have time for my current life.

    What I have in mind is TOTAL customization.

  8. I can deliver on time, every time.

    :D No comment.



  9. Everything else is noise! There are lot of programmers out there who can do the same and charge $7-10 per hour.
  10. Neal,

    I like to ask you several questions:

    1) What is your rate?
    2) Do you know EasyLanguage/RadarScreen?
    3) Do you know Wealth-Lab(or can learn it fast)?

    Those are the 2 main platforms I've been playing around with. But I'm not a superprogrammer like you. I just like to implement a few simple ideas.


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