acceptible fees for managing accounts

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ProgrammerGuy, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Before I got into the trading game I was a professional poker player. They know that I have created automated day trading models and I have been asked to go ahead and trade for them.

    What are some ballpark acceptible fees to charge. Note all trades are day trades.

  2. jsmith


    Have a 2 Year Track Record first and charge 2/20.
  3. what is 2 / 20
  4. mde2004


    You have a lot to learn techy. 2% is account fees and 20% is incentive profits if you have some.
  5. is that per year?
  6. The standard rate is 2% per year (0.1667% per month) for a management fee and 20% of net new profits as an incentive fee. In some situations an advisor gets more or less. For example, I run a low capacity daytrading program where the fees vary between 0/40 and 0/50.