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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by operator, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Getting a lot of slippage today and just wanted to see what other people thought was acceptable slippage on 1 lot mkt orders. I usually average in and out of trades using 1 lot. And today I'm getting about .3 of a pip - fractional pip - on both buys and sells.

    What's normal?
  2. achilles28


    During liquid, non-news sessions, there should be very little slippage, unless market is particularly volatile.

    You're probably trading through a retail shop, right?

    For instance, on Interbank platforms - there's usually 200 - 500 Million per side, during major session on EURO.

    1 lot won't even touch it.

    Also try ping time (to broker), internet connection and RAM+CPU (system speed).

    Also, if you're scalping those fast drops, yes, expect some slippage.

    Forex often stair-steps and water-falls. consolidate consolidate DROP consolidate consolidate DROP....etc
  3. yeah, retail. i just changed my settings to send limit orders to the current bid/offer. just put in a few test trades and hopefully this should fix the issue.
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    Good idea. Forgot of that.

    Oanda has market order "bound limits"

    A trader can set it so if the market slips x.x pips from execution, order will get rejected.

    Sounds like u got it.