ACAS Spike Down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pisspotpete, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Anybody know what happened here?

    I'm in it @ 26.80 and have a gain.

    Trade bust time and a "do over" for the big guys? :mad:
  2. Htrader

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    nice trade.

    Since there has been no annoucement or halt I would assume your trade will stand.
  3. Cool.

    This was a limit order "fishing expedition", but only 200 shares.

    Sometimes they work... :cool:


    ACAS: Hearing someone sold 1 mln ACAS, instead of the 100k intended (30.80 -2.50)
  5. Oh Nooooooo :eek:
  6. Been over an hour and a half since my buy. How long until we can be reasonably sure it won't be busted? When this happened with COCO, both last December and in the March 23 premarket, it took less than an hour for them to decide to bust the trades.
  7. BTW, I took a look at the options... are the option prices for ACAS always this sucky? Spreads generally $1, and all the 25 calls from April through November have bid prices that are .30 to .50 less than intrinsic value.


    You can cover your position. No way would that trade ever be busted...the stock was not even halted.