Academic ranking of World Universities

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TruthSeeker247, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Check out this link:

    This ranking is really interesting. Don't you agree? Look how many states schools dominate the top 20 (mostly california). I guess the schools with more money are not necessarily the better schools!
  2. It is interesting. In a similar fashion, schools on the eastern seaboard dominate the top 50 (National-Doctoral) USNWR rankings (just over 1/2 as I recall).

    None of this really make a lot of sense, though, because they rank large unversities as a whole when many operate as discrete units. For example, although UPenn and UMich-Ann Arbor are ranked 15 and 16, respectively, I'd certainly choose either of those schools over the others if I were seeking a Bachelor's in business (with the exception of MIT, of course). Further, if I had my sights on medicine, I might choose some virtually unknown school, such as Knox College, that happens to get roughly 90% of their graduates accepted to med school.