Academic literature on traders psychology.

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    Dear board community.

    I’ve read a lot of books from Tharp, Mark Douglas, Ruth Roosevelt and other traders specialized on psychology.

    Now I want to go a step further and get in to academic literature. What are the names and works I should read? What academic name had written about the trader’s psychology or what could be useful? Schumpeter, Freud, Jung? What could be useful?

    I would be thankful for every suggestion

    Cheers and good trades

  2. Victor Sperandeo recommended the collected works of Karen Horney. I concur after reading them.
  3. Quit while you're ahead. If you insist on delving further, look in the index and bibliography footnotes of the authors' books you already mentioned. You could also inquire about their graduate and PhD level reasearch they have done. Have fun!
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    Andrew Lo, Richards at Stanford, Brett Steenbarger... to name a few.
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    oh yes ...Damasio is also good. Although he is talking about neuroeconomics but I am not sure how much research he as done. He is a neuroscientist at the Univ of Iowa -

    try "The Feeling of What Happens" ... you can buy it on Amazon.

    Once I find the Stanford guys full names I will post... in the meantime, you can google stanford trading decision making.... one of the researchers actually has a blog.

    Traders are big subjects in the world of neuroeconomics these days.
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    SFO mag published an article called "Freud's paths to profits" in Dec 2005. It was about applying the ideas of the unconscious to trading.
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    Knutson and Peterson at Stanford ... Games and Economic Theory August 2005

    SFO Dec 2004.

    Davidson is a neuroscientist at Univ WI.

    Lots of neuroscience now is about how our emotions impact us - consciously or unconsciously.

    The trick for traders is to make their unconscious emotions - that cause them to enter or exit trades - conscious. Step 2 is then to have a plan on how to work off the emotional energy - which is not to make another impulse trade.

    Good Luck