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  1. hagadol


    I am having a look at AC Markets.

    Can anyone give me some feedback.

    I know that Refco had a minor holding in them........

    I am interested in Guaranteed fills and no requotes at all times.

    Also 2 pip Euro spread if you deposit initially $50K.

    Here is their sales pitch:

    2-3 pip spreads on all the major currency pairs. Namely EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD.
    "WYCIWYG" (what you click is what you get). The price you click on is the price you're executed at, in other words, no slippage whatsoever.
    No request for quote (RFQ). Users click on a live streaming price feed, no requotes whatsoever even in fast markets, no timers and no dealer intervention, the only broker in the world offering pure one-click dealing. See execution methodology.
    Guaranteed fills on both limit and stop orders.
    No commission whatsoever.
    1% margin trading or 100:1 leverage.
    2 online trading platform for maximum flexibility.
    No negative balances - limited risk. With ACM your risk is only limited to funds or deposit. Our unique, automatic margin liquidation policy eliminates concerns about debit balances by guaranteeing that you will never owe more than you have in your account.
    The most visited online fx dealer in the world. See traffic ranking.
    Consistent liquidity under all market conditions. ACM works with only the top institutional liquidity providers in the world providing over 55% of worldwide foreign exchange liquidity on our platform.
    USD 5000 minimum account opening.
    24 one click tradeable currency pairs.
    Spot gold and silver trading.
    24/24 hours online trading and phone dealing from Sunday to Friday.
    Proprietary trading software, not rented or bought, guaranteeing the most competitive pricing and execution to our customers.
    Instantaneous execution, no confirmation delays.
    No downloading needed on Flash platform, instant access from anywhere, home, office or internet café, no firewall problems.
    Fully secure and robust online dealing platform: 128 bit SSL encryption.
    Integrated technical analysis & real - time charting tools.
    Integrated live news feed - Streaming real time market news.
    Integrated real time account management and reporting, margin analysis, P&L, deal confirmation, market analysis & back-office reporting marked to market every second.
    Same conditions on demo and live platforms.
    ACM regulated by the Swiss federal department of finance.
    ACM audited by Ernst & Young.
    Swiss based therefore no capital gains tax on foreign exchange profits.
    USD, EUR, GBP, CHF or JPY denominated accounts.
    ACM customers benefit from technical and fundamental fx reports from our affiliates at substantially reduced rates.
    Extremely user friendly and fully transparent account statements.
    Management ex Swiss bankers & market professionals.
    Very rapid and discreet customer service.