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  1. abx long 37.50
    trend change for gold i think.
    large size on this

    stop , 2/26's low of the day. whatever its going to be .
  2. add 1/3 more position on ABX 37.65
    good position on this.
    lets watch what happens.

    1% risk on the add
    .70% risk on the initial position.

    Also long gold. 1110
  3. hold.

    waiting to add
    1/7th position every other selll period
  4. ADD 1/7th ABX
    39.75 on all accounts,

    220k+ position.
  5. 39.50 would be the right add
    I added way too early.
    but insignificant in the big picture.
  6. Q: Am I expecting resistance to hold on the upside?

    There wouldn't be time for resistance.
    Most traders would short here.
    Very wrong.

  7. hold. $40.20

    Tomorrow abx will stall,( not move in price)
  8. ADD 1/7th 40.03
  9. ADD 1/8th 39.60

    1) 1% down on the last 1/7th add.

    2) I'm using the markets money to build my position, current position size = 2x the size of initial entry.

    3) If it moves in my favour, we are in large money with low risk,
    if not, I don't lose money either.
  10. ABX 40.50 , hold
    280k pos

    abx should go up next 2 days.
    Sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Will continue to buy!
    I would like a 400-500k position on this.
    Will take a week or so
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