ABX Indices stuck @ lows

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cdntrader, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. How can that be? Ben told congress that everything was gonna be fine, there will be no recession. Could he be lying like Roger Clemens? OMG, Roger is now under criminal investigation for lying to congress, as of today. Can we press charges against Ben?
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  2. Back in July of last year Ben was telling all of us that 2008 was gonna be terrific!

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  3. More new lows today.

    margin calls and writedowns smoking everyone now. Amazing to watch.

    These banks and brokers are going to have to ante up asap.
    #33     Mar 3, 2008
  4. Closed @ new lows. 33 weeks and counting.... an ugly week.

    Looks like capitulation is occuring. Perhaps a near term bounce in order.
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  5. Well I guess we found out who was selling - UBS dumped 24 billion lol

    ABX is really unravelling now! Every single index closed @ all time lows.

    buckle up for tomorrow!
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  6. Daal


    dont worry its just a mark to market loss, everything will reverse overtime and nobody will take any losses :p
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  7. kinda like ABK....they'll just say eventualy they'll get a cash infusion and stay AAA rated

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  8. And the list of forced sellers grows...

    UBS, Carlyle, Thornburg,

    ..who's next?

    These guys made the most basic of trading mistakes. They held on to their losers and met margin calls.

    I bet these guys are kicking themselves for not hitting those bids in Sept-Dec in the 70's and 80's and 90's now.

    AAA's in 50's this week...lol the world has gone mad!:)
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  9. Bowgett


    Citi also said they are going to dump $45B
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  10. Nah. They are holding them until the market recovers. But are pulling out as a market maker.
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