ABX Indices stuck @ lows

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  1. Where can you track thoseMarkIt indices - with some historical data if available ?
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  2. What's the update now with the Fasb 157 changes? Any upticks?

    I just checked. All of them, even the BBB are off the lows. Maybe all this inflation is starting to catch hold.
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  3. You can access the Markit CDS data on Bloomberg Pro. I assume all of the Markit data is available, but haven't looked.
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  5. Well they tried to bounce. They hit 29, or 5 pts off the lows.

    now they are fading back at 27.

    Not much of showing after the huge rally in the equity market overall.

    I guess the market was telling us the PPIP was dead on arrival all along.
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  6. sjfan


    Don't think so. Blp uses CMA data (or msg1, if you got it). I got a blp terminal and a subscription to markit. As far as I know (I last checked about a six months ago), there's no way to enable markit data on blp even if you have entitlement to both.

    If that changed since, let me know.

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  7. And more new lows. Coming up on 2 yr anniversary.
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  8. Daal


    I bet the same banks marking to myth are looking at the ABX to give their hedge fund prime broker customers, margin calls
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  9. Treasury Said to Start Distressed Debt Program With $20 Billion

    20 bil what a hoot! how much toxic paper is there? 2 trillion?
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