Abusive threads bordering on Slander

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  1. There's a difference between referring to someone as a "dickhead" and legal slander.

    You understand the diff?

    " slander
    n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed..."
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  2. Oral defamation....in a written forum...

    wow...you cannot make this stuff up..no wonder the discourse is in the gutter.
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    Did you even read the thread? Nowhere was "dickhead" mentioned. It suggested he was a "predator". Huge difference between the two.
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  4. I'm aware of the definition of slander. But does what's said "materially harm the reputation" the one spoken about?

    For example... calling a politico a "shithead"... accurately described or not, doesn't really do any harm to his reputation (we already know that)... and is different from falsely claiming he "committed sexual assault against a specific minor person". Damaging if true, of course. Slander if not true.
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    You shouldn't take political boards so seriously. It's all fun and games. Listening to unhinged liberals whine about Trump is high quality entertainment. :D
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    Anybody can sue over anything...realistic remedy is another thing.
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  7. Scata clubs baby seals while pleasuring himself!

    Not slander just because it is not true. Truth, or lack thereof, is not the only requirement. So I can say what I said above and it is not LIBEL.

    Plus, public figures have a much higher standard for libel cases.

    Trump is a racist who dislikes people of color!

    Trump cannot sue me over what I said above.
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  8. Could you post a link to the offending thread or post?
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  9. Going for a laugh, are you? (If so, lame attempt.)
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  10. Which "public figures" are posting on ET?
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