Abusive threads bordering on Slander

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    You should not tolerate threads started that is bordering on slander at best! There are atleast, a couple by unhinged liberals! Those threads should be deleted and they should be banned from this site! If you allow these people to do as they please, you expose your site Elite Trader to lawsuits of the parties slandered!
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    It is right there. Unless, it was already deleted.
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    It is right there on the politics section. Certain lines should not be crossed including, accusing someone without proof. If laws were violated, we have the courts to deal with it! Not some guy thinking he can violate all laws with impunity?

  4. Link?
  5. destriero


    Smalldik, you cannot libel an internet pseudonym.

    Your friend,
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    There is thread in the politics section. The link is there.
  7. zdreg


    From a legal point of views chat boards are not responsible for the posts on their boards.
    please don't post incorrect info.
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  8. d08


    People who get seriously offended online are a special breed of stupid. Probably too much time on their hands.
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    I would rather listen to leaf blowers and chain saws than pay attention to a political thread.
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  10. Love all these bitchy wannabee lawyers crying about libel... maybe do some research before whining about public figures being made fun of on internet forums...
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