Abusive priests live unmonitored

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  1. one of the effects of the coverup by the catholic church of priests that rape boys is they escaped the sex offender database. you could have one living right next door and never know it.

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The charges of child molestation came too long after the abuse to send Carl Sutphin, a Roman Catholic priest, to prison. Now he is spending his days in a doublewide mobile home, a short walk from day care centers and two elementary schools.

    "I won't say I deny it. I do not deny it, no," Sutphin, 78, said in a frail voice as he leaned on his walker.

    There are dozens of accused priests like him, from California to Maryland. To victims' advocates, that is dangerous.

    They say church officials should monitor them in the same way that police track sex offenders and that the church should create special housing to keep predator priests away from children.

    "Essentially, you have admitted or credibly accused child molesters walking free among unsuspecting families — and bishops are doing little or nothing," said David Clohessy, national director for Survivors of those Abused by Priests.

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  3. If you are a priest it's ok to rape children.

    Worst that happens is you don't get to be a priest anymore but things have to get really bad before that happens.
  4. "When the facts go against you, stress the law; when the law is against you, emphasis the facts; when your case has both the law and the facts against it, call the other lawyer an a**hole."
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    If you're a teacher it's OK to rape children, you have the unions there to protect you. If you are a coach, it's OK to rape children, especially if you have a shot at the state title. If you are a famous director, it's OK to rape children, Hollywood has your back. If not, just run to Switzerland and wait till you get a lifetime achievement award.
  6. none of those people escape the sex offender database if they are judged guilty. only catholic priests, because of the coverup of the pope who is about to be declared a saint, get to rape kids without penalty.
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    The point is none of those people ever go to trial asshole.
  8. are you fascinated by assholes? something in common with priests?
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    I don't think you give two shits about rape victims. All your arguments are disingenuous. What a master troll you are.
  10. if i was trying to help rape victims what would be the most effective way to do it?

    pat them on the head and say i am praying for you. or making sure the evil that fosters and protects the rapists is exposed to sunlight so that it never happens again?
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