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  1. Maybe you shouldn't be so abrasive, proclaiming that short term trading is only for losers and investors are the only ones who make any money.....

    by the way this is a TRADING website, geared mainly to short term traders!
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    That thread has now been removed.
  3. Who says so?
    Short term?

    Please tell me the exact the ET terms and conditions article that says so

    Besides this doesn't excuse for abusive posts.
  4. You MUST be joking right???


    Elite trader...The #1 site for ACTIVE traders......this is ET's TAG LINE!

    Active traders does NOT equal Investors. Investors buy/sell and HOLD, they don't actively TRADE!!

    Now, not saying this site isn't useful for investors but it's GEARED toward short terms ACTIVE traders which was my whole point in the first place!

    PS You are right, it's no excuse for excessive abusive behavior....but you shouldn't be suprised by it considering all you do is ATTACK short term ACTIVE traders :p

  5. I don't attack, much less insult, short term traders.

    I just tell them that the odds are against them.
  6. Well, you are a passive aggressive type guy, whether or not you want to accept that fact. You pose questions when in fact you want to make your opinions stated.

    Anyone who has read any of your 100's of anti-short term trading and very pro investor trading posts knows how you REALLY feel on the subject. Plus, in an environment where sky is the limit, we all KNOW the odds are against us. I knew that 12 yrs ago when I started and I make more money daytrading than I could do in any other profession I would have realistically entered (ie movie star, professional athlete, rock star etc).

    If you focus of failing or the odds being against you and DON'T follow your passion, you've already lost at the game we call life.