Abuse amongst traders

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    Hi everyone

    I only recently research for information on Trading Forums and wherever I read threads, a lot of them have so much abuse and reproaches in posted threads.

    What are the people who abuse each other filling their minds with?

    Do you know that any abuse is a sign of weakness and a poor self-image?

    Do you know that somebody who feels provoked has a poor self-image?

    I do not want to put down anyone but everyone using abuse in this forum should try to find out where all this anger and abuse comes from. Certainly not just a bad, non-profitable trading style.

    Anyone wants to share thoughts?

  2. There is tons of threads on this subject. Why start another one?
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    Which one? I had no idea? Can u send a link?

  4. Do a search you lazy fvck.
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    Your last kind remark explains why you don't want to have this thread going on.


  6. Possibly steming from the same impulse that leads to road rage?
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    A lot of it has to do with the level of moderation. If you want a heavily moderated and free board check out woodies cci - the only draw down is that its focus is rather narrow from a strategy point of view.

    ET on the other hand is much more broad in scope but its moderated much more loosely. The unfortunate consequence is that you get idiots who come in with 100s of aliases and post junk non-stop. One psycho has been at it for years.

    The result is that to counter the negative effect of these 'teaboys' on the quality of the board, a few take matters into their own hands and perhaps they themselves go too far. I've made this mistake recently myself. That's why I simply stopped replying to ayk, rubber and etf.

    I think everyone would much rather have a board filled with just insight, gentlemanly debate/dialogue. The challenge is how to do this.

    I've made my own attempt when I suggested that Baron implement a 'reputation' feature which would allow us to vote (for or against) a handle. This would introduce an effective although subtle peer pressure to police ourselves. I'd much rather have this than moderators being called in to make subjective quality calls on a thread.

    Many said they supported this idea but I have yet to hear back from Baron (pm).

    So what do you think we can do to improve things? How should we react when some moron shows up and starts spewing drivel nonstop? Use the ignore feature? Request the mods to be a bit more quality sensitive?
  8. I think when people get abusive it is a reflection of themselves, I know you already know that, but it is true. Sometimes I can be a real asshole to my wife, then I do a mental check and realize it is about me and my issues usually, not her. People often project their mental states on others without even intending to. Case in point, every started talking to a new person, say at party, only to have them go off on some weird, ugly tagent? I have a couple of times, they need to vent their issues on you to alleviate their stress. Could be the booze too! :p
  9. You think this word-tag is bad?

    Come to the NYSE floor or Chicago floor, See what a bunch of idle traders who have too much testosterone waiting for the 2:00 fed meeting will do to you


    Its all just a bit of fun
  10. FWIW reputation features don't work. You only have to have one of those idiots you mentioned (or 2) vote against you and your reputation isnt worth ... well you know. At T2W it seems that most people turn their reputations off after their 5s get reduced to 3s suddenly.

    I doubt that this is just about abuse amongst traders. Its actually driven by the medium --- if you don't have social signals and controls then people with strong opinions will voice them and their criticism of others strongly. And when we've had people like coinz and others what would you expect?

    Lets be realistic; if I knew more about half the people on this board I would chose to go somewhere else - and if I knew more about some of the people I would have a great deal more respect for them. Hell, I might like one or two of them and vice versa (actually I do but that comes from PMs and the odd follow up meeting in countries far far away).

    The medium stinks ---- but its the only one we have (Woodie's version results in most experienced people leaving after 12-24 months).
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