Abus Abbas caught!

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  1. We caught that Evil Palestinian Terrorist in Baghdad! As some of you may recall, he mercilessly murdered the Hero Jewish American Patriot Leon Klinghoffer back in 1985...

    This is a big catch!

    God Bless Israel and USA...

    This is a nice passover present for Mr Klinghoffer's family... God Bless Them...
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    I just woke up, put on the news, and I absolutely could not believe what I read on the ticker going by on MSNBC.

    The PLO wants the release of this POS? Did I read that right? Can this be for real?

    If this is true, then the world should put the PLO, Arafat and the PA on the international "ignore" list.

    I believed that even Arafat was "embarrassed" by the Achille Lauro incident. But if what I saw this morning is true, I can't feel anything but stunned and dismayed.

    This is equivalent to a "government" agency asking for the release of Bin Laden if we had him. Maybe worse. This guy has already been convicted in a court of law, and proven guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

  3. Boker tov, Brother rs7... and a happy pesach to ya (a day in advance)!
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    I think they are claiming immunity according to Clinton's 1993 brokered peace accord. Any legal experts care to comment?

    In any case he's had 5 life sentences waiting for him in Italy for some time now. It will be interesting to see how the Italian attitude towards the Iraq war changes with this new revelation.

    And it will also be interesting for those who have claimed that there is no link between Iraq and terrorism. Will they melt away (as usual) or will they stand up and claim their prize as jack-asses?
  5. Very simple, people who do not want to see it will not see it. Read the news, in some arab countries people say that Saddam was a CIA and Israel agent. There is no way to prove something to a fool he will always find answers for himself that satisfy his beliefs.
  6. He's not ever getting out of jail, a valid charge will be found.
    Italy was behind the US with IRaq, no?

    Didn't the Palestinians reject the 1993 accords, if not explicitly, then prima facie?

    The complaint was there was no evidence linking Iraq with terror and the US. The terror link is now established with hard evidence.
    It's worse, Iraq was a haven for Arab terrorists. (Norman Mailer thought Sadddam was too big an egotist to allow another terrorist in his country, "I am the only terrorist in Iraq")

    5 life sentences yes, but after they let him go!
  7. rs7


    Mel Gibson's father....

    Posted on Sun, Mar. 09, 2003

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK - Actor Mel Gibson's father isn't shy about admitting his belief in conspiracy theories.

    Hutton Gibson, an 84-year-old activist and author, says he believes the World Trade Center was destroyed by "remote control," not airliners hijacked by al-Qaida terrorists. He insists that every pope in the last 50 years has been illegitimate, and he denies that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

    "Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a body," the elder Gibson says in Sunday's editions of The New York Times Magazine. "It takes one liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six million?"

    Blah, blah, blah! Don't have to go to "arab countries" to find whackos.

    Ah, the Europeans......sort of like when Germany conspired to aid the "escape" of the Munich Olympics terrorists (also PLO).

    Msfe....what's the good reason for this kind of behavior? (I am sure you will find an answer somewhere....but not even in the Guardian.....keep looking though).

  8. We should try this Evil Palestinian Scumbag for crimes against humanity and then we should execute him... we should also kill Arafat and other terrorist leaders...

    God Bless Israel (also bless USA)... Jerusalem will forever belong to the Jewish State... Palestinian scum terrorists can go live in Iraq...

    Lets bomb Syria next... they are a threat to Israel...

    Happy Passover gang! (also, Happy Easter if any of you celebrate that)...
  9. haven't you been paying attention? the Europeans are wimps, cowards, and self-haters. sure, they like terrorists, but they hate America more, because America has factories. Europeans hate factories.
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    I don't remember folks claiming no link between Iraq and any terrorism, I think many were asking for a proven link between Iraq and Osama (or Al-Qaeda) so that Iraq could be directly tied in people's minds with the WTC attack.
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