Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Dead

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  2. Oh cool man. That means the violence in Iraq is over baby!
  3. Another updstanding muslim citizen killed at the hand of the evil americans.
  4. Alright, Islam sucks. We get it. But I just wonder, do you support the one measure that will ensure it won't even matter how much Islam sucks, ending immigration?
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    How would ending immigration ensure that it wouldn't even matter how much islam sucks?
  6. Father of beheaded man blames Bush, not Zarqawi
    Thu Jun 8, 2006 8:56 AM ET

    By Jon Hurdle

    PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Michael Berg, whose son Nick was beheaded in Iraq in 2004, said on Thursday he felt no sense of relief at the killing of the al Qaeda leader in Iraq and blamed President Bush for his son's death.

    Asked what would give him satisfaction, Berg, an anti-war activist and candidate for U.S. Congress, said, "The end of the war and getting rid of George Bush."

    The United States said its aircraft killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the insurgent leader who masterminded the death of hundreds in suicide bombings and was blamed for the videotaped beheading of Nick Berg, a U.S. contractor, and other captives.

    "I don't think that Zarqawi is himself responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq," Berg said in a combative television interview with the U.S. Fox News network. "I think George Bush is.

    "George Bush is the one that invaded this country, George Bush is the one that destabilized it so that Zarqawi could get in, so that Zarqawi had a need to get in, to defend his region of the country from American invaders."

    Berg said Bush was to blame for the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

    "Yeah, like George Bush didn't OK the torture and death and rape of people in the Abu Ghraib prison for which my son was killed in retaliation?" he told his Fox interviewers.

    In a telephone interview with Reuters from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the father said: "I have no sense of relief, just sadness that another human being had to die."

    Berg, who is running as a Green Party candidate, has repeatedly blamed Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for his 26-year-old son's death.

    Nick Berg's videotaped beheading by hooded captors was posted on the Internet, and the father said he could understand what Zarqawi's family was going through.

    "I have learned to forgive a long time ago, and I regret mostly that that will bring about another wave of revenge from his cohorts from al Qaeda," he told Fox.

    Zarqawi's organization took responsibility for the execution of Nick Berg in May 2004. The video was published with a caption saying: "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi slaughtering an American."

    When an Islamist Web site showed the video of a man severing Berg's head, the CIA said Zarqawi was probably the one wielding the knife. The father said he was not convinced.

    "I have been lied to by my own government," he told Reuters on Thursday.
  7. I just heard an interview with Michael Berg, the father of the kid whom Zarqawi beheaded and made a snuff video of, almost defend Zarqawi and instead, he placed all of his anger on George Bush!! Good god, his son went over there as a volunteer, and not with the US military!!!

    Michael Berg is mentally ill, I pity him, and since now he is running as a Green party candidate, his politics are clear, pathetic really pathetic, and sadly enough I am sure he enjoys the attention
  8. Full on ad hominem attack, which generally means there must have been some truth to what Berg said....

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    Three points:

    1/ ANY loss of human life is deeply regrettable, even if that person was evil. I don't like the way Bush had a smile on his face when he announced this one, especially after admitting he was a stupid in his gung-ho attitudes earlier in this illegal war.

    2/ Is he really dead? I think we have heard these stories before. This could just be a futile attempt from Bush to raise his dire ratings now the American people have finally cottoned on to the fact they voted in one of the worlds most foolish, embarrassing muppet ever to have crawled out of Texas. Lets not forget Bush has a terrible track record when it comes to being honest and telling the American people (and the world) the truth.

    3/ So what. Where's Bin-Laden? Still haven't got the King-Pin yet have you Bush. Would al-Zarqwai be dead if he was a close family friend like the Bin-Ladens? I doubt it.

    Nice news George, but your'e still a moron.
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