Abu Dhabi Invests $7.5 Billion in Citigroup

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Biog, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Biog


  2. I swear I could almost hear the flushing sound.
  3. I wonder if that's why the futures just popped up like a balloon underwater. I can't find any other reason.
  4. bgp


    it will help short term ,but long term ? what about off balance sheet ?

  5. yes that's it - happened right when announced - makes them one of the largest shareholders I believe - larger than the Saudi prince
  6. Definitely the C story

    News wire says that story hit at 10:04 Eastern which agrees with the move start.

  7. yeah ... similar market action to when BOA invested in CFC ...short term squeeze then back down ...
  8. bgp


    it is. all our countries problems are over, just like that.

  9. cstfx


    That's it. It just blew out my short AUSUSD trade. Even Asian equities popped on that news.
  10. I'm surprised how tight this info was as C closed at 29.75 and AH took it only to 29.80.

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