Abu Dhabi deal is a selling opportunity

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  1. The sheiks think they are clever trying to catch falling safes (Citi) and do a horrible deal with a mandatory convertible. With C in such bad shape, an 11% coupon for 2 years with a forced conversion above current market prices is a raw deal. Just like CFC was smart to sucker in BAC, C was clever enough to sucker in the sheiks thinking their deal would be like the once done by Prince Alaweed in 1990, when in fact things are much much worse and the stock not nearly as cheap.

    Investment banks have so much crap off balance sheet that you will not get a bottom until these stocks go back to levels of 2002 before the housing bubble. We are a long ways away.

    Today was a great selling opportunity, all rallies should be sold. This is going to be one mean bear market and we are nowhere near a bottom.
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    interesting take, but the bottom in these stocks is in sight

    Watchout, very soon these stocks will stop moving down on bad news, probally the worst news, and will V bottom for at least 3-6 months. June 2008.
  3. How do you know C won’t be worth $30 in a fews year? Plus they get 11% interest. So how to you pick the bottom of a stock when you’re buying 7 billion dollar positions at a time oh wise one? Also C is at 2002 levels already look at your charts. You make seem like these people are dumb like the sheik from Cannon Ball Run.
  4. Yes, like that dumb ass arab who runs the finances of SA or Dubai etc and who bought millions of shares of of AOL, Yahoo, Nortel etc at their highs.

  5. The bigger fool theory?
  6. I think Abu Dhabi got ripped off... They should have asked for 11% in Eurodollars.
  7. For the last time, it's either dollars, or Euro. Not Eurodollars.
  8. ^ It's a joke on the weakening USD, relax. I didn't think I would get called on it. LoL.
  9. LOLOL :)
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    now that guy was loaded.... :D
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