Absolutely bizarre/amazing equity curve

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by heech, Feb 14, 2011.

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    As an investor, that's a heart attack waiting to happen.
  3. I wonder what his disclosure doc says in the area of # of accounts closed with a profit vs. closed with a loss.

    Definitely a CTA for those looking for a speculative rush!
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    LOL did you see those draw downs????:D

    That is called playing the lottery.
  5. Probably some idle billionaire who threw $3mm into an account and just "wings it" every day.
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    I feel like he was taking a genuine go at it, the first year or two... hell, he was all green for the first 21 months of trading! And then he had a few big draw-downs, followed by a few (!) triple-digit (!!!) gains in a single month... and now he's just doubling down for the hell of it.

    This looks like my equity curve at the craps table after a few too many Manhattans.
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    Awesome, I search for this type of performance. Thanks !!!!
  8. looks like he shoves "all in" every trade. with that small amount of money its possible I suppose depending on the stock. that is interesting for sure!
  9. That Barbashop program has a max drawdown of 92%!

    I noticed the listing has recently been dropped from Altegris's database (www.managedfutures.com).

    Wonder why!

  10. Would be interesting to know if he was using something like Kelly or optimal F for position-sizing, both of which can give you brutal drawdowns, but, so long as your edge doesn't deteriorate, should maximize account equity over time.
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