Absolute safest place to keep money

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  1. Thanks again.

    This is the answer I was looking for. In financial instruments, this is the most bullet-proof you can get.

    One last thing. How do you direct the interest payments into your regular bank account(s)? Is there a fee for the transfer?
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  2. Keep your money under you matress or piggy back.
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    In Nazi Germany, some Jews hid diamonds within the linings of their clothes. Diamonds are an extremely compact, portable, and easily hidden store of wealth -- even more so than gold.
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    Diamonds are highly over rated as a means to store wealth. Try re-selling a diamond ring and see how much you get back. The rate of depreciation is worse than a GM automobile.
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  6. Every Israeli and Sirean Jew that comes into this country still does this....

    If you don't believe me ask them....

    go to Gravesend area of Brooklyn, Ny and ask them how they manage to pay for everything in cash, knock down apartment buildings to build a single family house....

    smuggled diamonds..... sell to diamond district... receive cash.....lesson over
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    Perhaps they have access to a diamond market that we don't.
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  8. Because, in large part, they are smart enough and/or connected enough to immigrate with miner/dealer/wholesale-acquired diamonds; and, in most cases, have the opportunity to trade/cash in those gems for real property and the like with others of their same culture/neighborhoods.
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  9. T-Bills don't pay "interest payments" per se. They are instead sold at a discount. When they mature, you can opt to either reinvest in more T-Bills, or you can have the money directed to your bank account.

    Here's a link at the site:


    Go down to FAQ and read through it. It's fairly informative.

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    Am i correct in thinking that if you wish to sell your T Bills before maturity you will receive the market price? which could be less than you paid??

    Also, what would be the equivalent, in safety terms, Euro denominated instruments, German, Swiss Government bonds?
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