Absolute Return Performance

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  1. Absolute Return Performance vs SP500
  2. Vs S&P 500
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    They look the same to me.
  4. What does this show, that you have the ability to draw crooked lines?? Was this an illustration of some sort of performance data? What does the data indicate?? Can you be just a little bit more "vague"about your trading ???
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    Do you have anything with green and yellow lines?
    I'm kinda partial to those colors :)
  6. In the spirit of vallentine's day & to appease those who dissapprove of my coloring, here you guys go- bold is the fund, light & pretty S&P500.

    For those interested in hearing more please PM me, this is a fund that I have started with an absolute return strategy- I have made the S&P 500 the comparison- I use SnP to hedge my long investments and have have a varying delta +, - depending on market conditions.

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    If you do not have valid 5 year data from a real broker account verified by a independent licensed accountant no one will ever care.

    Over at collective2.com there are hundreds of strategies that perform very well over a short period of time, but they all crash 'n burn or fade away in long term.
  8. And the best thing about it is that when the SPX tanks by 50% and you lose only 40%, you can still brag about beating the market and suck in some naïve clients to pay you commissions. :D
  9. This chart of "absolute performance", even if it's true, is meaningless without some indication of how much risk you've been running to achieve these returns.

    Why would anyone care about returns is beyond me. The only thing I care about is risk-adjusted returns.
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    My sharpe is above 2

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