Absolute concrete proof that Volente is lying

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  1. Exhibt A

    Look at the time of the post

    Exhibt B

    Now, 4 hours after he entered the first trade, he entered a second trade BUT neither his target nor his stop was ever hit from his first trade. And we all know Volente has no problem saying "adding here..." so we know the second trade was not an add.

    Why would someone who is STILL in a trade, enter in a SECOND almost indentical trade? Because they forget they ever "entered" the first one.

    This proves that Vol is not trading real money, and at best he is an average sim trader.
  2. The direction of the positions are the same, he could have added to his trade using separate stops and targets.

    Don't think its absolute anything.
  3. Please...

    that goes against everything that Volente does on this site. He has NEVER posted that way.

    Anyways, who would post that way? Has anyone EVER posted that way in the history of the site?

    So you are telling me that ever post prior to this, when Vol added he said "adding here", but for this post decides to enter a whole seperate trade? Please, be logical.

    Everytime Vol has ever added he has ALWAYS started ADDING...this was a mistake on his part because noe he has been exposed
  4. Even if true, and it proves nothing, I find it far more disturbing that you're stalking the guy. This is pretty damn pathetic.
  5. Actually that is not true, someone brought the inconsistency to my attention.

  6. you seriously need to get a life....

    I could care less whether he's posting fake trades or real trades...
  7. Yeah, probably your Canadian G/F. This is pretty comical. Thanks.
  8. You seriously need to revise that last sentence...

    saying "i could care less" means by definition you care at least a little bit to have the ability to care less.

    What you really meant is i couldNT care less.
  9. whoa, touche!

    (I am moving this thread to chit-chat)
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