ABS Computers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by destined, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. destined


    Has anyone bought from these guys?
  2. destined


    Has anyone even heard of ABS?
  3. tango29


    and at least on reselleratings.com they come highly recommended. I had problems with their webpages and couldn't seem to get an answer to a question online or via the phone, so I went elsewhere. Not positive on this but I believe that you will have to load your drivers yourself for some reason also.
    Sorry for not much help, but thought I'd give you something.
  4. destined


    Thanks Tango
  5. gerik


    I have an ABS computer probably 5 or more years old. Still running. No arguments or problems getting new parts under warranty. The only problem I had was actually getting tech support to answer the phone. But maby that has changed now