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    I have read and studied most all of his works that I can find. I find his theory is very important and useful. Yet I still don't think I can master the soul of this theory. In USA, do many people still study it? And what do you think of about it?
  2. It is absolutely of value.

    I think it is my bread and butter.
  3. You don't need Gann methods to trade successfully. -----I can't emphasize that enough.

    There are a lot of Gann traders who believe they're trading Gann methods, but sadly they're not.

    If you have the Time to devote to master the basic principles of angles, cycles, numerology, charting,
    and then spend a good ten years on basic astrology, you can then move on to the Gann bible interpretations such as conversion of planetary longitudes
    into stock prices, and Biblical stories and age longevities converted into longitudes on the globe for commodity conditions.


    There's an easier way, become a master of one or two instruments and obsessively study their charts, movements and patterns on multiple time frames.

    Save the Gann stuff for the sellers of books and courses.
  4. So...we meet again.:D
  5. Lol, yes we do.

    And I say to u and the OP that once properly understood, Gann is superior to any trading method out there, bar none.

    There is a reason his picture hangs at a major exchange.
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    Hello, ARealGannTrader.
    It is nice to meet you---A real Gann trader. I think you must have studyed Gann method much. Why not chat more here. Waiting.....

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    Hello, infolde. Thank you for your reply.
    I get your meaning of the words. Maybe the Gann theory is so profund that it needs much time. But I believe it deserves the time. It is not easy to get for each good thing.

  8. Derber? No wonder he went by WD..
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    Debert, should be.
    But what is your meaning?

  10. Hrrrmmm...

    Interesting how the experts didn't catch that it's William Delbert Gann. A few facts about WD Gann is that ... (his son was a stock analyst and "exposed" this a while back) that his father made most of his money through all the speeches and books he sold, rarely made money trading. Also, the man died broke.

    His son says that his dad was a very good self-promotor. His bible thing "Magic Word" was a religious scheme to attract conservative Christians for his service. Of course, no one has to believe me and I don't care if they do... but others agree like Alexander Elder, in his book Trading for a Living:

    "Various opportunists sell "Gann courses" and "Gann Software." They claim that Gann was one of the best traders who ever lived, that he left a $50 million estate, and so on. I interviewed W.D. Gann's son, an analyst for a Boston bank. He told me that his famous father could not support his family by trading but earned his living by writing and selling instructional courses. When W.D. Gann died in the 1950s, his estate, including his house, was valued at slightly over $100,000. The "legend" of W.D. Gann, the giant of trading, is perpetuated by those who sell courses and other paraphernalia to gullible customers."

    Try Google searching... you'll find more about how he was a snake oil.

    Oh... in terms of John L. Gann Jr. (Gann's grandson), there was a little talk about how he was paid around $20,000 by some publishing company(which published WDGann's material) to write about his grand-daddy, after his Dad passed away.

    It's something to keep in mind.

    Now go on talking about WDGann.
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