About to start longest equity bull market in history

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  1. We will not have a double digit correction again for years. The gears are in motion now and the infinite liquidity put has finally been sold to the cynics with the deepest pockets. Those who sold last fall are regretting and they will dare not sell again. All small corrections going forward will be buy opportunities for years to come.
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    I wish punters would just trade the market and stop making lame-ass predictions. If you know what you're doing, just be happy with all the money you're making. And if you don't know what you're doing (a typical predictor), just STFU already. :mad:
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    He is right. Irving Fisher was just 80 years to early when he said the market had reached a "permanently high plateau".
    If you go long you have Ben behind you every step of the way.
  5. I agree with you in some ways. In the rare scenario of hyperinflation, stock markets can reach unfathomable heights. Think Weimar Germany. The investors who were aware of that scenario reacted accordingly and profited immensely.

    Will it happen here? Maybe to a smaller degree.

    Since this is a website devoted to daytraders, anything that's based on long-term analysis will be lambasted by most traders here.
  6. your 2 months early.
  7. +1395.5 (current ES ask)

    ET predictions always have the tone of someone who's just smoked a bowl and had what they believe is the most insightful enlightenment of all time and have now descended down the mountain to tell the unenlightened masses.
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    yes, seems about right. big money in big swings. and to all AUD shorters and china bashers... I will sell to you all i have and more at much higer levels when you will be scrambling for piece of action

  9. My predicktion. Bears will get smoked and Bulls will enjoy Bear meat.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S. Bill Gross is wrong. So is Mohamed (?) El-whateverhisname. They are great at selling bonds. Very slick.
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    The press needs bobblehead talking idiots to fill the airwaves.

    I like the idea of long bull market, think the same, though the start will continue to be slower than I want. I do not buy into it being the longest one in history.
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