About to Pull the Trigger on IB, somone stop me?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nickL, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. nickL


    been around EliteTrader for a while.

    i have traded stocks; anyway i want to move over to futures, i have been paper trading ES for 6 months and am looking for a broker.

    I will ONLY trade ES market, since my edge is on that. what is the best/cheapest broker?

    I use esig now and I trade off a 10min chart, so i figure if i drop esig monthly payment i could use IB's feed and quotetracker or sierra for my charting needs. if some other broker has nice free data for charting that will be great as well.

    My contracts starting out will probably be less than 300 a month and i do about 10 RTs a day. my monthly contracts will increase accordingly eventually.

    IB charges 4.80 a RT which seems high to me, does anyone else have any recommendations? because if i can save money on commission, i could use the money back towards esig and not worry about free charting. I dont want a huge monthly FEE for the platform 0$ if possible, i dont need the expense of TT Xtrader .

    Also want a legit broker, that wont steal my money either if they for some reason go down in flames.