About to graduate college. What should I do?

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    I'm graduating with an accounting degree in December. I would like to trade my own account someday or get a job trading. Should I try to become a CPA in order to save money to trade on my own? Or should I try to get a job as an analyst and eventually try to become a trader that way? Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

  2. You probably understand the ins and outs of cash business. Open a pizzeria.:cool:
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    haha. I do love pizza, but don't know how to make it well.
  4. Get a CPA and trade on the side.

    It's always good to have a stream of income.

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    Thank you PA. That makes a lot of sense.
  6. Which country are you based in. If you are not in the US you could do spread betting. I used to on the side when I did another job but the spreads were unfair so I stopped. Plus I had other things to do.
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    @Morganist: I'm in the US. Where are you from? Do you do any other type of trading or speculation now?

    How much time is needed to trade futures? I figure I would need a rather large account (at least 20-50k) to hold positions while working full time. Am I right? Or do futures require more commitment of time like sitting in front of a screen all day?
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    What do you guys think about law school? Any lawyers here? I was thinking about becoming a tax/bankruptcy attorney.

    And what do you think about day trading or very short term trading. It seems it's better to have a long run perspective. But either way it seem a larger amount of capital is better (say 20-50k) to start out with than something small like 1-5k. Any thoughts?
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  10. Find the niche in bk stocks likely to be interesting.
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