About to get a Computer for trading...Opinions

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  1. Hey guys....

    OK, im getting a new computer for trading because my little celeron just will not cut it with numberous programs running at once, and hard to set up multiple monitors in it...So, heres one im looking at...just tell me what you all think...Thanx

    AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Processor
    512MB DDR RAM Memory
    160GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    And it comes with the built in kind of graphics card, but i have a 32mb card at home.

    And, if i wanted lets say 2 more monitors hooked up, what do i need? Because i know how to set up just ONE more monitor...You need a graphics card to plug the monitor in...But how do i get like 2 or 3 monitors?

    Thanx guys!
  2. Get a motherboard which does not have onboard video. Onboard sound and lan is fine but having onboard video makes it harder to update later on.

    The system specs are fine. To enable running more than one montior you can get video cards that enable multiple monitors. Most cards will enable running a montior and a tv output. More and more are supporting two monitors and a video output. Should you require more monitors connected there are cards that can do it. Best bet is walk into a computer shop and ask for the right card for you.
  3. I can't be bothered dealing with all that nerdy stuff. Isn't there somewhere you can buy a trading computer all ready to go?
  4. Osman


    look into matrox duel monitor video cards. they also have 3 and 4 monitor cards. i've used them and have good experience with matrox. More ram wouldn't hurt also
  5. and save your money for trading. If you must get a new one then get xp pro, big monitor (s) and a minimum 512 ram on a p4 or athlon.

    Get a 4 port router and run both your old computer and your new one and just split up your programs in each computer. You shouldn't really be running anything on the computer that your trading platform is on anyways.

    Later on just get another computer and add it to your 4-port router. Never get rid of your old computers just repair them and keep adding. Radio Shack has a kewl warranty for used computers.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Eventually, you will have charts and data feed on one computer(the one with the quad card and BIG monitors). Platform on the other computer. Then ET, chatroom, email and messenger on the other computer. Then gaming and surfing on the final computer, hehe.

    P.S.S. I assume you have DSL or Cable.

    check this place out too.

  6. I guess more sophisticated traders/scalpers/backtesters/automators that run scanners and tick charts might have some contributions to make in this thread for higher end needs.

    Michael B.

    T1 lines, LCD monitor racks and the new 64's will all come in good time.
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    any current model computer has more than enough horsepower to handle an individual traders modeling and automation needs. a couple of the wilmott guys might be an occassional exception.
  8. IMO, a good start and very similar to mine.

    Suggest more memory and decent video card. The onboard may cause you problems. Also, add second HD to use for backups.

    Other items to consider: a very good UPS to keep it going when the lights go out. I like my optical wireless mouse very much (Logitech).


    You did not mention it but I'd suggest at least 4 USB ports.
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    Nah not really - on a good motherboard, it is a BIOS setting to turn it off.

  10. thanx for the input guys...ok, theres 2 computers im trying to decide on....here they are, just tell me what you think is the best buy...ohhh, and the first one is 100 bucks more

    ----> 100 bucks more
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - English
    Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.53GHz at 533 System Bus
    256MB 400MHz DDR Memory
    40GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    52x24x52 CD-RW Drive
    Stereo Speakers
    Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard - Black - English
    Microsoft Basic USB Optical Mouse - Black
    Microsoft Works 7.0 - English

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - English
    AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Processor
    256MB DDR RAM Memory (1 x 256MB) - Upgrade
    160GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    52x24x52 CD-RW Drive
    Stereo Speakers
    Windows 104-Key PS/2 Keyboard Black - English
    Basic USB Optical Mouse - Black
    Microsoft Works 7.0 - English
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