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    Hello, this forum is for threads related to IB technical issues.

    The purpose of this forum is NOT to express your opinion about IB!

    The idea is to log current issues which are NOT being addressed/acknowledged by IB in order to possibly help each other. Knowing that a problem affects other people is valuable info in itself.

    I encourage traders to give IB support people some time to address the issue.

    ***NOTE: Please understand that the reason this forum exists is because we have many traders using IB. This forum should not be considered a negative reflection on IB by any means ... in fact it actually indicates the overwhelming popularity of IB here.

    Suggested format:
    1. Provide a brief summary of what the problem is.
    2. Indicate if the problem reproducible at will or intermittent.
    3. Indicate your server's geographical location (obviously optional).
    4. Provide any screenshots and/or logs (no personal info!). Provide which software and what version.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.