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  1. We may bitch, and complain about the US system, but do remember we are the strongest, most powerful economically nationwide in all of time
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    it's just an illusion created by dollar's status as reserve currency. when Saddam started selling oil in euros, well....you know what happened to him.
  3. You just made his point Gubinec. We can easily destroy any military outside of the top 3. We just have a nagging problem of ideology but we can make glass parking lots at will to them and they can't do anything to aside from small scale covert bombings.
  4. yes that's the spirit keep underestimating the world, keep thinking how they are all stupid

    everything is fine until one day its not fine :cool:
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    the US is bankrupt.. the state of california issues ious like the provinces of argentina. the euro has gone from being worth $.80 to $1.30. the US financial system is in a meltdown stage. the US is licking russia's ass while picking on small countries like switzerland and israel. in six years we have been unable to pacify iraq. north korea can hack the most sensitive government computers in the US. Iran ignores us.

    what are u talking about?

    ps from your post the intended word is worldwide not nationwide.
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    This thread amazes me. Clearly the USA is Rome in the later stage of the empire. While this is a fact, I cannot stand assholes (like the OP) who deny the decline and advocate force to temporarily slow this. Reversing this decline is not possible and even they know that!
    The reason for this is very important.
    We can choose and pick the direction while understanding the internal systemic problems. For example
    after the decline of the Roman empire
    dark ages and plague followed
    while after the decline and fall of the British empire relative calm and a wealthy period was ensured in the much of Europe. I see a problem when this natural decline is fought with tooth and nail and military adventures and mischief drive the US foreign policy. I suspect in my lifetime and even the generation after me things will be the same, as US being the number one superpower, however there are systemic problems in the USA economy. The Empire is not ascending but in descending after reaching its peak, circa 1955.
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    At this point, the idea of one country being considered a "superpower" is antiquated. Globalization is leading to a decreased standard of living in the present day first world and an increased standard of living in the present day third world. The playing field will eventually be even and every inefficiency that presents an opportunity for profit will have been exploited by large corporations. Economy of scale will effectively eliminate the little guy.

    This situation is completely unavoidable and has been in the works for over a century by the oligarchical force that operates behind the scenes. Lucky for us, these things take time. There are still entrepreneurial opportunities to be taken advantage of in several nations, but the United States isn't one of them. Big business crony capitalism has infiltrated the system and the damage is done.

    Anyone who holds the belief that the US of A is still a superpower is in a serious state of denial and needs reexamine the present situation. It's akin to those who were holding GM stock the whole way down.
  8. Sigh.
    You go through a little crisis, and all of a sudden everyone thinks you're toast.
    Take a look at this table: CIA World Factbook Ranking of GDP by PPP

    This is the world ranking by GDP in terms of purchasing power parity - no exchange rate distortions here. We're ranked 2 behind the EU, but you know, that's a whole freakin' continent. The closest individual nation is China, with a GDP a mere 55% of ours.
    Why is the dollar still the reserve currency? Foreign direct investment in the US is 2.22 trillion, while our investments in the rest of the world equals 2.75 trillion, number one in both categories. They come here and we go to them.
    Finally, the most important ranking: how easy it is to start a business. If you're at the top of this list, it's hard, and at the bottom, it's easy. Note that from 145-155 on this, the very bottom of the list, all except one of the countries are former or current colonies of the US or UK, and of course include the US and UK.
    Think of this as the long-term advantage enjoyed by the countries in question. All else being equal, they'll beat out everyone else.
    In the 50's the USSR beat us to space and made us afraid, in the 70's it was the Arabs who were going to make us their slaves, in the 80's it was the Japanese (remember how they were taking over Hollywood? Best remark on this, by a Hollywood agent: "The Japanese aren't taking over. The Japanese are coming with money, and Hollywood is going to spend it."), and now it's China.
    The USSR is gone, no one thinks the Arabs are going to surpass us anytime soon, Japan's been slumping along since 1990.
    China looks like it does have a realistic chance of actually surpassing us, but don't count that chicken before it hatches. They've still got a long way to go.
  9. trefoil, that was an excellent post.
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    But we're headed in the wrong direction, guys, and at warp speed. Doesn't that matter at all to you?
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