About the Stock Ticker History.

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    Hello to All.

    I hope and i wish to be well.

    I decide this hour to write something relative not so much directly with the Grains...

    That Issue,

    i had find it in the past in the Internet and impress me very much.

    Represend the Historic Time Space between an Old Era to the Modern Era,

    and the effect of the Computers to our Modern Lifes to the Financial Markets and to Trading.

    That Issue have the Name:

    Stock Ticker History.

    More Informations for that Issue exist here:

    http://www.stocktickercompany.com/stc/history/ .

    Also, exist a Video for the Universal Stock Ticker.

    Here it is:

    http://www.stocktickercompany.com/stc/video/ .

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.