About the price of gold ! ! !

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    The price of gold is into the sensitive areas.Up or down will be determined by the following form. Maintaining attention, but do not action.
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  2. They set us up the bomb.
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    You have no chance to survive. Mark your time.
  4. Sorry, I am not very clear what you mean?
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    funny how people are told not to call tops and bottoms on stocks

    Yet everyone tries to call top in gold

    bad thinking IMO

    Gold is one of those things that are driven by fundamentals, not technicals.

    When I look at gold, (and I own some from around 1100) I am not looking at technicals for gold

    I am looking at China India, Europe. I am looking at IMF reserves and how quickly they are bought up.

    [[Gold is up]] . there is no way around that fact

    fight the trend at your own peril