About the arrogance of a well known US FCM...

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  1. Today, after complaining about the service of a very well known FCM, I received the following message from their head of business development :

    And at .20 per side, which is what ... is charging you, there isn't much incentive to go above and beyond the call of duty. If you would like to be treated as a full-service customer, then you would need to pay our full-service rates...

    Edit : I / we trade more than 150k lots / per year / per million

    Any comments ?
  2. I clear through Fortis and have never had any issues. I'm paying about the same for slightly more volume. Wouldn't be Newedge by chance?
  3. Yeah, I would switch firms... they obviously don't value your business.

    I also use Fortis and they are excellent, they have a really solid 24 hour desk.

    What markets do you trade?

  4. Just out of curiousity...I've read some of your posts and you seem to take a lot of time bashing/ridiculing the U.S....so why don't you conduct business with a European broker/dealer? I'm sure they would be a lot more efficient and friendly.
  5. You are right. I have already some business with GNI Touch / Man Financial. But for diversification reasons, I wanted to "spread" some business to the US.

    Service at GNI Touch is FIRST CLASS / AAA !

    I am simply looking for a friendly US Clearing firm ready to take on the next 20 million USD AUM.

    So, what am I looking for ? Friendliness, professionalism and technology robustness.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    It seems Fortis is a way to go.
  6. ...yeah...its a shame. The way you trade and talk about GS...every brokerage should love you...free money. What idiots they pissed you off...;-)

  7. no...its mostly against GS...because he probably got his ass handed to him several times...simply because he thought his own view weighted more than some GS analyst call that moved the market, lol!!!

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  9. 1) Get exchange membership(s)
    2) Rule-106 at the CME
    3) Just for the heck of it, look at omnium.com :cool:
  10. Quite obviously "very well known" FCM makes too much money and doesn't need your business.

    Have you talked to Advantage Futures? They are a clearing firm that caters to high volume traders and they have some of the lowest rates available for volume.
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