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    By now, there probably isn't anyone in the civilized world who hasn't heard about the 'contemporaneous birth announcement' placed in the Honolulu Advertiser shortly after Barry's birth. Annenberg Political FactCheck.org sited this information as part of its so-called proof of Barry's eligibility.

    With very little digging, I've found something you may find of interest relating to that announcement. Annenberg did <i>no independent check</i> of this so-called fact. They lifted the picture of the birth announcement from a little known blog. They admit to this in their footnotes. The blog is http://texasdarlin.wordpress.com/,
    which is a liberal blog that spins for Obama these days.

    According to another commentator at
    the picture of the birth announcement is <b>no longer available</b>.

    <b><u>Oh, my</b></u>!
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    So, in addition to Snopes making a mockery of the fact checking process by changing the hospital Barry was born in (with nothing more that Barry changing his mind), we now have factcheck.org <i>not really checking the facts</i> either.

    They haven't checked to see that a <i>no longer available image on a little known liberal web site</i> was ever really in the Honolulu advertiser. And yet, this is their proof that Barry is eligible.

  3. In the US you become a citizen either through birth or through naturalization. If barry is not a born citizen of the US he needed to be naturalized... There is no paper trail in the INS is it? How did he get a passport then. The state department had to be satisfied as to legality of his birth certificate.

    P.S do you consider yourself to be smarter than legal teams of

    Hillary Clinton
    John McCain
    Talk Radio?

    Even if your answer is yes, you are not smarter than them. They all looked into it and decided there is nothing there. People like you should be shot for stupidity.
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    The state dept., in issuing passports, accepts as proof either the original birth certificate or in some cases the type of certification document that obama is using, depending on the situation. (per a state dept official)

    None of the people or organizations you mentioned has seen either his original birth certificate or a court ruling defining what a natural born citizen is. (other than two citizen parents and born on US soil)

    And just what does smart have to do with it? Richard Nixon, who the left reviled, was never accused of being dumb. Even Hitler was never accused of being dumb.

    In case you aren't aware, smart people can do some very foolish things.

    <b>Like claim Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president, even though they haven't seen the evidence</b>.
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    so we don't even have birth announcements.

    Do you know how many liberal dopes have used that as evidence against those whose believe in the constitution.

    I have seen them use that on as an argument on CNBC.
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    Thanks for four more years. Keep rolling birthers!
  7. This issue is too blatantly obvious to be ignored by the groups I mentioned. What that means is they took a look and moved on. The right milked jeremia wright for all his worth but left out something that could disqualify obama? In 2004, a Bin Laden tape surfaced "just in time" for the election. I am sure Obama birth certificate "October surprise" would have been crushing. Knowing what W was capable of, this would have happened.

    Hawaii State Department officials would not lie for Obama.

    Furthermore, how could his short form certificate say he was born in honolulu if he was born in kenya? That would be fraud. Btw, if you look in your US passport it should say place of birth. If the state department issued Obama a passport it would have to say Hawaii, USA not Kenya. Remember, in 2008 there were cases of unathorized access to Obama and Hillary's state department files.

  8. A few things to address:

    1. It's been stated in numerous articles covering this issue that there is no record of the halfrican having ever been issued a US passport before joining the US Senate, at which time a diplomatic passport was issued.

    2. It's widely believed the halfrican traveled throughout the middle east, Pakistan in particular, on an Indonesian passport. If this is the case, he would have been required to hold Indonesian citizenship, which would automatically disqualify him from being POTUS.

    3. One of the few records that was obtained through third parties was his Indonesian school records which clearly states little barry was and is an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship.

    4. It's all but certain the halfrican attended US colleges on foreign grants, thus the reason he refuses to release his school records as well as his birth records.

    5. The halfrican's daddy was a Kenyan under british rule and was never a US citizen. By law, the halfrican's daddy would have passed British citizenship onto his son. Furthermore, his mammy did not meet the requirements at the time of his birth to transfer US citizenship to her offspring.

    Even in a remote possibility the above is proven to be somewhat inaccurate on certain accounts, the halfrican promised transparency when running for office. The question remains, why all the secrecy and vast amounts of energy and expenditures to keep his records from public view given his promise of transparency? That alone shows the halfrican is hiding something that would jeopardize his legally holding public office. Truth be told, it's highly doubtfull the halfrican could get a clearance to be a meter maid given his past associations, questionable character, and lack of documentation. Bottom line is, he supposedly works for the people, not vice versa. If there is the slightest doubt as to his eligibility to hold POTUS, then it is his obligation to demonstrate to the people a no holds barred accounting of his entire past history, and he should do so freely and willingly. Anyone, including his supporters, who allows him to continue hiding his past is a traitor by default.

    As for why Hillbillary and the rest have gone along with the cover up, they were probably met by people in black SUV's that explained the facts of life to them in no uncertain terms. That is, social engineering will take precedence over the constitution, and if they balked, their skeletons, manufactured and otherwise, would be exposed stripping them of any chance to be so much as school crossing guard.

    You are welcome.
  9. Of course not. The government never lies! [enter sarcasim}

    That's easy. Photoshop.

    Well, duh!!!!!!!!

    Yep, and "african" is a race. Not!!!! Hello?????
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    Presidential birth addresses

    1. George Washington — Address: George Washington Birthplace National Monument; Rural Route 1; Box 717; Washington’s Birthplace, Va. 22443

    2. John Adams — Address: 133 Franklin St.; Quincy, Mass. 02669

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    7.Andrew Jackson — Address: 14 miles south of Rock Hill on South Carolina State Route 5. The Park is on Route 1. Address:196 Andrew Jackson Park Road; Lancaster, S.C. 29720

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    9.William Henry Harrison — Address: 12602 Harrison Landing Road; Charles City, Va. 23030

    10. John Tyler — Address: John Tyler Memorial Highway; Charles City, Va. 23030

    11. James Polk — Address: Box 475; Pineville, N.C. 28134

    12. Zachary Taylor — Address: Highway 33; 5 miles west of Gordonsville, Va., and just over 20 miles from Charlottesville, Va.

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    41. George H.W. Bush — Address: 173 Adams St, Milton, Mass. 02187

    42. Bill Clinton — Address: Bill Clinton was born at the Julia Chester Hospital in Hope, Ark. The hospital has been demolished.

    43. George W. Bush — Address: George W. was born to Barbara and George Bush in what was then Grace-New Haven Community Hospital and is now Yale-New Haven Hospital.

    44. Barack Obama — Address: Unknown.
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