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  1. ojo


    I am going to move to another country from the US (if I decided to follow my parents)
    and I am thinking I have a bank account for transfering money into from a brokerage firm which I am going to open an account so that I can use the mastercard (ATM card).

    In that case, Which country should I pay taxes?
    the US or the other country which I might move to?

    thank you
  2. Neither if you do it right ...
  3. ojo


    How will I be able to avoid paying taxes?
    is it illegal?
  4. What country are you a citizen of?
  5. ojo



    and possibly moving to Japan ( they got 100Mbps FHHC lines available for about $60 / mo which is I think very cool)

    I am an immigrant.
    so I dont speak good english sorry about that

  6. Are you a RA or a NC?
  7. ojo


    what are RA and NC?
  8. Registered Alien or Naturalized Citizen.
  9. ojo


    I am not sure but I think I am a RA
  10. What passport do you hold?
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