about taking a winning strategy to an institution

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  1. I have this day trading strategy that has been doing well ever since the inspection. It is 100% full auto. It's not a scalping system so you can put a LOT of size. I estimate I can move 20 million in and out of the market everyday.

    Problem is I don't have that type of risk tolerance. I've never really though of this, but does anyone go to institutions and say hey I have a winning strategy here's proof, would you like to invest?

  2. You need a contact as a rule I was working in London when a mate who was also my broker asked me for an intro into one of the big Hedgefunds so he could show them his strat. They were a big client of mine and I knew a few of the traders well personally but even then I had to think about it. In th end I gave him the intro and he got the job which has made hima very wealthy guy. So I really think you need a contact if you are going to get close. Sorry just my experience.

  3. hmmm thanks for your advice. I just have all these extra trades that could be taken...
  4. Yes I believe that is exactly what some fund managers do. You might search for the rules to become a registered financial advisor in your state, assemble a presentation, and start contacting potential clients.

    You might demonstrate that your system works in real time using your own money.
  5. Also what about C2 where you can trade the system and have a verified track record.
  6. Establish your own Institution. You can call it...

    SkEye - Will always have an extra Eye on your investments. :)
  7. ha ha ha, I like it, however I'm really not interested in the business of raising money
  8. Play the numbers game, contact as many instituitions yuo can hedge funds etc... and tell them what you got, not yuor strategy but what you have done. If you play enough someone is bound to check it out.
  9. rickty


    What about joining a prop. trading company and using their find reserves?

    You wrote:
    "I have this day trading strategy that has been doing well ever since the inspection."

    I'd be interested to know how good is it? Can you attach a performance report?

  10. I definitely could and if I felt it was viable to win a deal with an institution I would, but I'd have to sift through all my trades and put something together. I have nothing yet
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