About SOCIALISM in Cuba. I am Cuban..ask me about my experience

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  1. About SOCIALISM in Cuba. I am Cuban..ask me about my experience.

    Before coming to the US in 2000, I lived in Cuba for the first 17 years of my life. 1984-2000.

    For those in favor/against socialism..........you can ask me for real facts about a REAL experience.

    I would be honored to answer all your concerns.

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    How was the free medical care?
  3. Bad example - Cuba is not socialist as much as it is an economic banana republic dictatorship.

    The thing about having the same leader for the past 50+ years would give that away.

    In many ways, we too are becoming an economic dictatorship. We'll see how it plays out.

    Think about it. The media is for the most part owned by conglomerates. Just read news from other parts of the world and compare it to the news we see here.

    The White House has a de facto "Ministry of Truth" that influences a cowardly press. To wit - the "green shoots", bogus unemployment figures that are constantly "revised" and the sham of the stress test to name a few.

    And we print a lot of money to pay off our bills.

    Sounds like Banana Republic Economics to me. Obviously we are nothing like Cuba. But for some reason, I fear we are trending there.
  4. I think I speak for most Anglo South Floridians when I say our respect for the entrepreneurial spirit of Cuban American's is boundless. You guy's came here under the harshest of circumstances yet you never asked America for a thing except a chance to live the American Dream. I can go a year at a time w/o reading in the Herald of a Cuban committing a murder during a robbery or shooting up a birthday party etc. Although I will NEVER date some chick on the sly who is married to a hot headed Cuban....:)

    If every other ethnic, immigrant class behaved like Cubans there would be little outcry over too many foreigners trashing America's neighborhoods.

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    Cuba is

    Caja uno... Fidel's
    Caja dos... Raul's
    Caja tres.. The state.

    Cuba is a dictatorship masked as socialism. A revolution comprised of suffering for one purpose and one purpose only...for fidel and his cronies to live like kings....
  6. Despite being imperfect it worked very from 1959 to 1995. Above all, the human side of it was awesome. People who became doctors or other kind of essential personnel, did so because of love to it. Not like they do here. After that it kept declining in quality and services.

    Today, its almost impossible to get anything done in a Cuban hospital. My both parents were doctors.

    I think the best form of medical care is to have both
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    plus they brought with them the delicous Cuban sandwich.
  8. Throughout human history, that's always been "good work if you can get it".
  9. You got it right. Like all immigrants we also bring bad stuff. Specially the new people coming in. However I have always said that we are one of the best people America has. And if the US help us get Cuba back, we would all be leaving soon. :D
  10. I hate to break it to you but....Socialism leads to dictatorship (as Russia proves). Centralization of power brought by socialism attracts and breeds those who wish to usurp it. Interestingly, dictatorship doesn't seam to necessarily lead to socialism always - note Singapore and Pinochet.
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