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  1. I'm an automated systems designer. I was wondering if possibly a discretionary trader or another automated systems designer would lke to partner up. I live in AZ. If so PM ME

  2. I'll make your search a lot easier by asking you 2 (3) questions that will prove you to be competent for some to take you seriously as a partner.

    From a discretionary trader point of view:

    Let's say I'm a scalper, trading 40-50 rounds a day per symbol/contract. My primary tools are DOM following order flow and using market behavorial sentiments...

    * How far would you be able to make my trade easier?


    From a system trader / developer point of view:

    * Define robustness. How do you deal with it?


    Answer the above, the 2 answers you give should give people an idea about how good you are as an system developer...


    The first Q is about how well you understand Grey Box development. Second is obviously for a Black Box development. It would help if you can put together a final word, concerning development in general.

    Good luck.
  3. it would also help if you shut up. You have got to be one of the most annoying posters on this forum, and probably the most negative person I have come across. Every post I read from you are bashing on someone of calling someone an idiot. Why are you so darn upset with life?

    and what is with the stupid ?s. I'll talk about that later. And if you really care. There is a post I wrote in eduational resources about a tool I build used to evaulate strategies. It also defines robustness in several ways if you care to look
  4. Sorry... I'll shut up.
  5. Timmay will talk with you about it, but he charges like 50 bucks every 30 minutes.
  6. Hey jerk, my buddy TSGann was ONLY trying to help by offering his perspective on things. Talk to him with a little more respect next time, Bluegar. You should know better than to disrespect BNB's friends ;)

  7. No, more like $150. that was my recent quote.. Yikes!
  8. nitro


    I say we take Gann and lynch him.

  9. i have a lot of traders in az
    very good ones at that
    lets talk i think we can be of help to each other.