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    Any comments / comparison between following courses?

    1.) Optionetics Home Study Course
    2.) Investool Complete Option Course
    3.) Darlene Nelson's Course On QQQQ

    1.) Investool Currency Trader Course
    2.) Raghee Horner Traders' Package

    I want to engage in one of them in each group. Since the couse is quite expensive, I want to find the most money-worth one. Thank you for your opinions first!

  2. Why not just pick up a few good books on options and save the $3,000....
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    Any suggestion on books?? Thanks a lot!
  4. McMillian, Options as a Strategic Investment

    Natenberg, Option Pricing and Volatility

    Cottle, Option Trading: The Hidden Reality
  5. Options are a tough game, even for the experienced.
  6. He will surely see that after thumbing through Natenberg and Cottle LOL...
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    Thanks for your input. I do agree that option is a tough game, but life itself is tough. Isn't it?? :)

    Actually I've got some basic knowledge about options, but I haven't traded it practically before and I want to learn sth practical to hedge my fx option. Someday if I can manage it well, I'll try to trade option only to make my life.....

    It's a bit far away. Do these books include some concrete trading strategies or are they theoretic books?
  8. Well there is no theory in option trading. The books discuss options, how they work and operate and all the specific details you need to know. They also cover strategies in great detail.

    However no book will take you by the hand and walk you through exactly how to trade, you still need to do that yourself and learn it by doing it.

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    Thanks optioncoach. Do you have any comments on optionetics / investools course?
  10. Do you really think any of that shit is going to turn you into a great trader and make you any money?

    Quote from Darlene Nelson's page
    "This is the live recording session of Darlene Nelson's Amazing "40 cents to Financial Freedom" seminar on DVD or Video. This incredible program will teach you how to easily command a hefty six-figure income by consistently taking small windfall profits each and every day. Profits you can use to generate huge cash flow for bigger trades and bigger profits. See how Darlene has taken a modest $6,000 to $170,000 in only 14 weeks!"

    If any of those vendors new how to make money they would be trading their systems themselves. George Soros probably the greatest hedge fund manager ever only made 27% compounded annually over a 25 year period. So now this stupid bitch is telling you you are going to pull a six figure income off 6,000 dollars, wow if she could do that consistently she should be on the billionaire list next to Soros and Buffet. If you just want basic information in how derivatives and stocks work just go to borders, they have 100s of books. If you insist on buying vendor garbage with no proven track history then buy there DVD's second hand off eBay.
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