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  1. I am a loser who has depression for the past 2 years. I never bought calls on DIA or anytign like that. I blew almost all my money in the stock market averaging down on during august, spetember, novemeberr. I I created those threads to garner attention. For the past 15 monthsI thought I was dying of colon cancer because I had rectal bleeding and despite numerous doctors aplintments and tests I thought I was dying. Months passed and I was waiting for the shoe to drop. The blood was bright red with musucs. Now it's been 16 months and I'm still heathy. No bleeding for the past 3 months (or atleast as can tell). I sometimes with I did have cancer because only then would I be able to see what's really important in life; friends, mfamily, and so on. I may not be dying of cancer but I feel like shit all the time (or most of the time). I get only 4 hours a sleep a night (at best). I am paranoid that a new world order will enslave humanitry.
  2. I still think the dow will retest 14000 within 2-3 years
  3. Another thing is that Port1385 is my other handle on this board and my alter ego. I used that handle to post bearish statements about shorting the market in order to create confusion on the board.

    Baron, please close both the stocktrader and Port1385 accounts.

    Thank you....
  4. I'm probably not dying of colon cancer. I have had bleeding on and off for the past 15 months, but feel healthy. I seen 3 doctors and had blood tests and flexible sigmoidoscopy. I remember back in march 2008 being petrified I was dying of cancer, but I am sure I'm cancer free because the vast majority of colon cancer patients don't have symptoms for longer than a year. Maybe I'm not dying, but I still feel like shit most of the time. Dow 14000 son.

    buy the dips ma bidu rimm goo appl me pot mos ipi a RIMM

    I will have these symbols etched on my tombstone.

    I am still bullish
  5. short the rallies tza fxp tbt bgz faz

    I will have these symbols etched on my tombstone.

    I am still bearish
  6. for the record, I've never ever traded on anyone's calls on this forum but my own. The "confusion" you provided did not have it's intended effects on me.

    Thank you...
  7. F*ck that. Don't you dare sell yourself short. You CAN if you BELIEVE!
  8. Stock_Trad3r would NEVER sell ANYTHING short :D

  9. eagle


    Superficial quality never sustain.

    One day or another the truth will be revealed. Hopefully, this revelation is not true.
  10. The mods keep removing my threads. Elite trader such to be such an awesome community back in 2006-2007. We had frank grimes and Michael Scott. And bilosellhi and s2007 with their usual perma bear ramblings. Then came 2008 and b00000m market crashes and now everyone's uptight.

    I will admit to being horribly wrong. In my wildest dream I could have never imagined the dow retesting 6500. But it did.
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