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  1. i want to start a thread about longevity. does anyone think about it? their lifestyle, what they do don't do but should ?

    do want to live longer, healthier or dont care

    are you hedging your bet here or simply "all in" w/o regard for outcome?

    "The future is uncertain and the end is always near" -Jim Morrison
  2. Health = Quality of life = Longevity.

    Research natural, preventive methods of staying well. Work to stay well to avoid suffering. Invest in your health more than anything else. Huge payoffs.

    Without health there can be nothing else, nothing else can matter.

    "If you want to be healthy, trade your wishbone for a backbone and get to work"- Dr. Hazel Parcells b1889-d1996 106 years
  3. huge payoffs? what are they?

  4. -If you have achieved optimal health you will know it.

    -you will have a sense of well-being or True Happiness. You can't find that in a pill or anywhere else.

    -$$$$ the healthier you are, the more money you will make and you will have the ability to enjoy that money. Hard to make $ or enjoy your billion$ if you are sick and bed-ridden or in a wheel chair forever.

    -Quality of Life is vastly superior as compared to living a life with a chronic illness.

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    All other things being equal, Imo the key to longevity is never to stop dreaming, to have a reason to live.

    "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone." - Ecclesiastes

  6. please return aluminum hat to your head before posting. thank you.

  7. what are you doing specifically to hedge your bet?
  8. I may have permanently ruined my life, but I do see glimpses of true health coming back.

    I'm recovering from a chronic illness that I've had for 12 years, 5 months and 19 days. It's been at times absolute madness trying to get through life. It's mostly my fault because of ignorance.

    Most chronic illnesses are a result of poor lifestyle choices. Most illnesses are largely avoidable.

    3 years ago I started receiving treatment from a naturopath that practices homeopathy and the blood type diet among other things. The blood type diet is based upon your individual genetic requirement for certain healing and disease preventive foods. I've talked to a lot of people on the blood type diet that follow it 100% and it has made significant improvements in their health and well being.

    Unfortunately, I'm the worst case my Dr. has ever seen. Fortunately, the last few months I have started to really improve. I can actually drive and get my own groceries. For the first time in 12+ years, I can sit in a chair with a smile on my face for no apparent reason other than enjoying a cool breeze with the pleasant smell of spring and birds chirping. That is true happiness and a glimpse of true health.

    Imagine being shut in a house for 4+ years. You must, must, must prevent illness from happening in the first place. Once symptoms start, a lot of damage has already taken place that may not be reparable.

    Learn about detoxification.

    Avoid processed foods, toxic chemicals, toxic people even. Get a water filter, try to eat certified organic produce and meats. Just make small changes over a longer period of time instead of going all out. See a natural healer that practices the blood type diet and can guide you in the right direction based on your individual needs.

    If I could go back in time, that is what I would do.