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  1. A moment ago on CNBC, the hosts said Hillary pronounced to boycott the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympics games in Beijing. I know Hillary had her own agenda. She tries to divert the attention from bad news of her campaign.

    The thing I don't understand is Cramer showed great hostility toward China and Chinese people. Several months ago, Cramer on TV show: Stop Trading. He repeated saying "I hate the Chinese, I hate the Chinese". Whenever Cramer mentions China, he shows great hatred to China and Chinese people.

    As far I know this is hate crime in the United States. I can say I hate Jim Cramer, but I would not say esp. publicly on TV "I hate Jews, I hate Jews".

    Jews have already had many enemies, the whole Islamic world, more than 1.5 billion people; In Europe, United States there is never short of anti-semitic environment. To add another 1.3 billion enemies seems not so wise to me. Jim Cramer is not dumb, on the contrary, I think he is very smart from his achievements in investing. But why is he so politically stupid to promote hatred between different ethnics peoples? Doesn’t he think Jews need more enemies? Even the elite of Jews are so politically stupid, it is no wonder in World War II, when Hitler advocated killing Jews. Many Europeans followed and no many people showed sympathy toward Jews, which was very tragic.

    If you are fellow Jew, what do you think of Jim Cramer’s words?
  2. http://www.thestreet.com/story/10393084/1/jim-cramers-stop-trading-american-eagle-could-fly.html


    Tiring of "the idea that money is any different depending on where it came from," Cramer acknowledged, "I hate the Chinese ... [but] if they buy a stake in our company, what're you going to do?" That's the way capitalism works, he said.

    End Quote

  3. Cramer does NOT hate chinese people, he only hates people with slanted eyes and straight black hair.
  4. "I'm getting tired" of objections to foreign firms owning management stakes in American stocks, Cramer continued. "If you buy a management stake, you should have a seat on the board." He acknowledged that there are some "unsavory individuals," whom he wouldn't want sitting on the board of some companies, but "why be public if you don't think that should happen?"

    Tiring of "the idea that money is any different depending on where it came from," Cramer acknowledged, "I hate the Chinese ... [but] if they buy a stake in our company, what're you going to do?" That's the way capitalism works, he said.


    He hates Chinese money and the ethnic implications of Chinese business reputations. The context of this conversation is money. I do not get the sense he hates Chinese people per se.
  5. A strange thread, for sure.

    Not to defend Cramer, but his hostility (better stated, DISTRUST), is of the Chinese GOVERNMENT, which I hope you concur, is distinct from the Chinese people (just as the US. Government is thankfully quite distinct from us regular Americans).

    His hostility toward the government is not misplaced, considering it is a Communist entity, and has a notorious record on human rights and censorship.

    He has never once said anything against the Chinese people. One of the few things that Cramer is "not guilty" of.
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    I'd love to go with that sentiment, and flush Cramer from the public airwaves, but isn't this Patrick Byrne the same CEO of overstock who filed a bunch of frivolous lawsuits against people who shorted his stock? I'd love for this kind of deconstruction to come from a more credible source, but I still enjoyed reading it.
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    Jew = Jewish Religion not a nationality.

    Secondly: Cramer is an idiot and EVERYONE knows that.
  8. Friviolous lawsuits? Then, why does he have discovery vs the Wall St. Brokers? Do you realize what he is about to receive? The trading records. These are the same trading records that Wall St. protects like their daughters' virginity ( at leastu until age 16). This is an unprecedented action, since Wall St. usually settles (pays off) anyone who gets this far. their problem is, Bryne won't settle. He wants to stop the fraud. If they settle, they'll just run off and hose someone else.
  9. Judaism is a religion, 'Chinese' is a nationality.

    I don't know the context his comments were said in. There are clear-cut cultural and societal traits endemic to other nationalities that differentiate them in positive ways and in some negative ways. That's a fact.

    The whole world is too d-mn politically correct nowadays.

    Truth based on fact is the only thing that should matter.

    If Cramer doesn't like how the Chinese operate in business and can substantiate his claims with facts, I see nothing wrong with it. I've known people that call Israelis hard-nosed negotiators, but I'm fine with that as it's actually a veiled compliment. If he hates the Chinese because of hard-nosed biz practices, it could also be a veiled compliment.

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