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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Riskmanager, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Hope everyone's O.K. some 5000 miles west from here;
    they´re showing pictures and news from that bloody hurricane non-stop here on the tellie - hope that won´t be a goddamn mess like Andrew...

    Take care everyone,

    Best wishes from Europe
  2. The media whips people into a frenzy more than any hurricane or typhoon ever will.

    I love the way they plant a schmuck with a microphone at strategic locations, usually standing in front of swaying palm trees, roiling surf, etc.
  3. Hope the weirdoes in D.C. won´t accuse Syria`s or Iran`s climate polluting industries for causing that hurricane
  4. Are you trying to say it wasn't them?
  5. Not at all, Mr. President :D
  6. It's DUBYA's fault!!!


  7. Doesn´t matter, the French will veto it anyway :D :D :D
  8. cartm


    They just issued an evacuation of my town and the towns surrounding me. What a bunch of pussys. Of course they will be alive tomorrow and ill be in a tree. BRING IT BELLA. :cool:
  9. Left Annapolis, MD to come back home in Bel Air, MD. Annapolis has moderate rain with heavy spurts at times. The wind is increasing gradually. The bridge was closed earlier because of winds clocked between 50 and 55mph.

    Bel Air is a little more north but we're sinking downhill fast. I hope the sump pump doesn't go out.
  10. Tryin' to pick up Navy guys, Aphie?? :D

    j/k...i hope it's not too bad in your neck of the woods...
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