? about halts

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  1. Is there an easy way to find which stocks are currently halted?
    Also, is this info archived somewhere?
  2. Dow Jones News publishes halted stocks.

    If you use a broker that has access to indications, you will also be able to see which stocks are halted on the software.

    Sometimes CNBC will mention it, but it's not wise to rely on them.
  3. www.nasdaqtrader.com for current halts.

    There's also a halt history tab and you can search by ticker.
  4. Awesome! Thanks guys.
  5. time of the halted stock
    else you might get caught having bought it on an ecn
    and have your broker get back to you to bust it after it went against you.
  6. Actually, that is directly related to what I'm looking at, if I understood you correctly. The halted stocks can still be traded on ECNs, right? (both nas and listed?)
  7. Depends what the reason for the halt is. Large order imbalance halts are still traded on ECN's, news dissemination halts are for all exchanges. There are also other types of halts, I believe. (I was referring for NYSE)
  8. Strange, the more I read about this, the more it looks like trading is completely prohibited during halts... Any good reliable source for this kind of info out there?
  9. The source for my comments was my own experience. If I find some good official sources, I'll post them here.
  10. The news that prompted a halt in Celgene has been resolved about 30 min ago. The FDA decision came out. How come CELG is still halted? Thanks
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